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Why donate? 

We are creating an independent film that is entirely crowdfunded. We have worked for almost a year to keep costs as low as possible and to spend money locally when we are able to. We have managed to partner with many local businesses in order to obtain the supplies needed for production and are still forming connections with business owners. 

Per the terms of the Dollar Baby contract, we are unable to profit from the film. Therefore, any donations will go entirely to covering the costs of production. In addition, our producers are opting to work on this film without pay in order to conserve funds to allocate to others areas of the film. 

We will be accepting donations before and during production. 

Donations made through our non-profit are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

If you are unable to donate, please consider sharing our website or social media posts to help us spread the news about our film! 

Our Budget

Our target budget for the film is $60,000. 


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Thank you for your donation!

Other methods to donate:

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